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Måns Rybäck - Det vi en gång var

Released Friday 21 January 2022

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Vocals: Måns Rybäck

Lyrics: Jonas Wiklander, Måns Rybäck

Music: Jonas Wiklander

Production & Mixing: Jonas Wiklander

Background vocals: Los Desconocidos

Mastering: Thomas Eberger, Stockholm Mastering


Måns Rybäck

Singer and crooner from Stockholm/ Halmstad with passionate interpretations of jazz, soul, and evergreens in Swedish and English - now heading into original tunes.

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(Songwriting, Production, Recording and Mixing)

Henrik Dahlström Kvintett

Saxophone player Henrik Dahlström's songwriting project recorded with a hard bopping jazz quintet from Linköping and Norrköping.

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(Drums, Recording, Mixing, Mastering)


Various original tunes by Jonas Wiklander recorded for practice and fun. More to come in Pop, Country, R&B, Electro and others.

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(Songwriting, Vocals, All instruments except where stated otherwise, Recording, Mixing)